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Know Thy Rules: The Effectiveness of a Third ...

When you play a game you want to know the rules. You don’t, for instance, play American football by the rules of European football – otherwise known here as “soccer” – just because “Football’s football.”... [Read]

San Francisco: Reaganomics is Back!

San Francisco might have seemed one of the least likely cities to rip a page from the economic play book of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Yet in approving a tax holiday for Twitter, Inc., the giant of micro blogging,... [Read]

India’s Human Rights Challenge

In many parts of its rural hinterland, India’s democracy faces a major challenge. Over the past few decades, in many of the poorest and most isolated districts in the country an armed Maoist movement known as the Naxalites... [Read]

My Trip to the City Formerly Known As Frunze

Now that the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic has approved a new coalition government, I figure it might be time to finally get something to print about my election observation there last October.  Of course, there may... [Read]

The American Mid-Term Elections Seen From Abr...

Ever wonder what our elections look like to the rest of the world?  Well, this year we have at least one ready-made answer at hand – the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the group that primarily... [Read]

The Dilemmas of Democracy: Responding to Tain...

After following Asian elections for the past year, I have noticed an emerging pattern that we are likely to see more of in the coming years around the world. Elections in Iran,  Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka have presented... [Read]

One More from the Gipper

Right around the time the nation was commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth came a story out of Allentown, Pennsylvania that had the makings of great comedy – if it weren’t true.  It had to do... [Read]

Lost in Translation: Electronic Records and H...

A typical day at work will invariably find me hunched over a piece of paper, staring at a jumble of illegible loops and lines, trying to figure out what on earth five loops and a squiggle is supposed to convey to the reader. No,... [Read]

Expected to Fail: Making the Familiar Strange...

The achievement gap between White and Minority students – as demonstrated through achievement tests, years of schooling, high school graduation and, more generally, outcomes – is formidable and shocking.The NAEP (National... [Read]

Gallup, Abortion, and Shades of Gray

With the economy, health care reform, environmental regulation, and other important issues being widely discussed in policy circles, it would be easy for one to forget about wedge issues, such as abortion. However, with the... [Read]

What’s at Stake in Cairo: A Conversation wi...

On June 4, a very popular President Obama will deliver a much-anticipated speech to the Arab world in one of Islam’s most culturally and historically rich epicenters — Cairo — a location that is at the same... [Read]

I Changed My Mind on Employee Free Choice

Berkeley is filled with bumper-stickered cars. One of a Berkeleyite’s favorite hobbies is telling everyone what his socio-political opinions are by declaring them on the bumper of his car. That car is most likely either... [Read]